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Use the CSRD as a catalyst for business and social impact

The Purpose Company offers support to organizations in complying with the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), from introductory workshops to complete guidance in a process from A to Z. Together on the road to compliance, preferably with the many opportunities that this legislation offers for broad business and social impact.


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Make the 'CSRD commitment' an inspiring process with The Purpose Company!

From 2024, more and more companies will have to report on environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects according to the CSRD. Many are not sufficiently aware of the organization-wide implications of this and do not know where to start.

The lead time to produce this report can easily take more than a year. It is important to timely start collecting relevant data, assigning responsibilities and freeing up time. Starting early offers benefits and helps understand the impact of this legislation on the organization.

By emphasizing the ‘why’ of the legislation as a manager, rather than the ‘what’, employees are more enthusiastic about the regulation. By following the intention of the legislation, and not just the rules, employees and team members will see and experience this more easily and there will be more intrinsic motivation to comply with the regulations.

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Request our free CSRD e-Book now!

And get detailed answers to questions such as: What is the CSRD? To whom does the CSRD apply? When is this mandatory? How do I make this an efficient and inspiring process? And read more about how we help your organization comply with the CSRD and together turn this obligation into an opportunity with business and social impact!


Follow the CSRD in 'the spirit of the law' and inspire your employees to work together for the future

The Purpose Company can provide support in various ways. This can be done in a workshop with an explanation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, creating an action plan in collaboration with a small team from the organization, or complete guidance up to and including the final report.

We do not only see the CSRD as a reporting obligation, this legislation is there for a reason. By following the intention of this legislation and not just the rules, you create more support and employees will work on it more energetically and also ensure improvement of financial and ESG performance. This is how you turn this necessity into a virtue. The Purpose Company always delivers tailor-made solutions and likes to build on what is already there.

Phase I
CSRD in a nutshell: from introduction to management commitment

We start by answering exploratory questions such as; What is it? Where do we start? Which steps are best to take? How do we go through these steps and who carries them out?

Support and vision from Management is essential and by allowing this project to arise from inspiration, rather than as an obligation from the legislator, it will have a deeper impact on the entire organization and its stakeholders.

Phase II
CSRD planning: guidance to a targeted action plan
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Phase III
CSRD implementation and verification: detailed step-by-step plan

In Phase III, The Purpose Company can fulfill various roles to achieve the desired result; as a coach, consultant or interim manager.

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We organize CSRD webinars to take you through the action plan surrounding CSRD reporting and how you can turn this into an inspiring project. Do you want to participate? Then leave your email address below and select a time.

What others say about The Purpose Company

“We asked The Purpose Company to guide us in the process. Edward and Tim took our diverse group of employees through the process with great enthusiasm.”
Petra Giesing

“Hans and Edward’s approach is very concrete and works. With a lot of energy we receive the guidance that helps us further. There is plenty of room for our ideas, our own words to describe topics and the adjustment of programs. Truly tailor-made in consultation!”

Ilse Groesz
“Enthusiastic and professional guidance from Edward & Hans from The Purpose Company. They know how to quickly understand the subject in a very fun way, regardless of the background of the colleagues. Everyone in the core team of the project was given a full role, which meant that the involvement and enthusiasm for the process was high. It also increased the connection between colleagues.”
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Wim Diersen

Do you want or need to start with the CSRD within your organization?

At The Purpose Company, our targeted approach to CSRD legislation is the core. We are here to support you in navigating and taking advantage of the opportunities this legislation offers.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation conversation about how we can strengthen your organization and make a positive impact together – in line with the CSRD requirements!

Handtekening The Purpose Company
Edward Haarmans

After many commercial positions and writing a book on happiness & Purpose, Edward helps companies with their Purpose and its translation into organizational success.

Hans Smith

Specialist in creating superior customer experiences and mobilizing people to bind customers or guests to a brand or organization.

Tim Horsten

Years of experience in increasing business continuity, assurance, sustainability and providing guidance based on scientifically validated research.