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Positive impact on employees, the business and the world!

Make your organization happier, more successful and more impactful with Purpose

The essence of every successful organization is its Purpose; an authentic identity that makes employees more vital, committed and enthusiastic – and gives meaning to their work. This contributes to better business results and a better society. We offer business coaching, workshops, training and inspiration sessions to define this Purpose and bring it to life and keep it alive throughout the organization.


Bevlogen en geïnspireerde medewerkers met Purpose
1. Better business results

Companies that are driven by a sense of meaning have higher turnover with higher profit margins.

2. More driven employees

Purpose ensures more inspiration, enthusiasm, commitment, satisfaction and less absenteeism.

3. Filled positions
& vacancies

Meaningful work leads to higher retention and greater attractiveness on the labor market.

4. More & more loyal customers

Companies with social contribution attract more customers and retain them better.

5. Impact on world
& society

With a calling you contribute to a greater good and therefore a better world and society.

Organizations with purpose have:
1. Better business results
2. More driven employees
3. Filled positions & vacancies
4. More & more loyal customers
5. Impact on world & society

The impact of work without meaning on people and organization

In the Netherlands, over 20% of workers have mild depressive symptoms to very severe burn-out symptoms.(1) So, also in your organization, about 1 in 5 people are at risk of becoming ill. In addition, it turns out that 77% of people in our country do not feel passionate and engaged with their work.(2)

This all has far-reaching negative consequences for both the individual and the organization. For instance, this leads to, among other things:

1. Lower productivity

Unengaged employees are less productive, perform worse and can also drag their colleagues down with them.(2)

2. Higher absenteeism
Employees who are not engaged report sick more often and have a higher risk of chronic health problems.(3)
3. Higher costs

Employees with burn-out increasingly cost an organization, on average up to €80,000 per case of illness.(4)

4. More turnover
Disengaged and unenthusiastic employees are much more likely to leave the organization.(2)
Gefrustreerde medewerkers zonder Purpose

In addition to these increasing problems and an ever-tightening labor market, the expectations of younger generations of employees are also shifting. Purpose, impact, and significance in work are becoming increasingly important to them in choosing an employer.(5)

All of this calls for action. Your organization also has the opportunity to address these challenges at their core and to turn them into opportunities for organizational progress. But how?


Purpose as the solution to various challenges in your organization

With Purpose in your organization, you create an inspiring, meaningful, and authentic work environment. You will establish a strong Employer branding where you show your (potential) employees how they can and will contribute meaningfully to the organization and the world every day!

Purpose also creates ownership and managers will be perceived as inspirational leaders and employees will have more happiness at work and in their private lives.

Organizations with a sense of purpose have more appeal, and more engaged and passionate employees. When they see a clear goal or intent in their work – and this is connected with their intrinsic motivation – they recognize the importance and impact of their work and feel even prouder and more connected and motivated for the success of the organization. This leads to:

Bevlogen medewerkers met Purpose
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Our approach to achieving a vital, resilient, and thriving organization

We aim to strengthen your organization, both in business terms and in terms of social impact, by motivating and activating employees by connecting to their personal motivations.

We offer guidance in identifying and disseminating your unique and authentic Purpose, based on the principle of keeping you and your colleagues in the drivers’ seat! Our support includes various customized services deployed to meet your needs and achieve the set goals.

Business Coaching

Together, we bring out the Purpose in your organization, translate it into your internal storyline, and disseminate it together – guided by a team of your own employees – throughout the organization. Stories connect people!


We provide interactive workshops, first to interpret your Purpose, and then to bring it to life in the organization with the internal storyline. The essence is to align this with the intrinsic motivations of employees!

Do you want to inspire your management team, a group of employees, or customers with purpose? We would be delighted to provide a presentation or workshop to contribute to that! Click here for a request.
CSRD Rapportage door The Purpose Company

Greater business and social impact through the implementation of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

From 2024, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) legislation has been phased in, and an increasing number of companies are required to report annually on the impact of their activities and value creation according to ESG criteria.

We see this legislation as an opportunity and are therefore ready to support your organization with much more than just compliance. We provide workshops ranging from introduction to the development of a supported action plan and complete passionate implementation trajectories. We prefer to do this with Purpose as the starting point and the CSRD as the catalyst.


What other say about The Purpose Company


“For a clear and powerful Employer Branding, we wanted to start at the foundation; the Purpose of Lankhorst. Therefore, we asked The Purpose Company to guide us in that process. Edward and Tim, with great enthusiasm, took our diverse group of employees through the process to find an authentic Purpose that the Dutch organization can identify with. With the Purpose as a starting point, we can move forward to align it with the Employer Branding and in that way it is recognizable to everyone!”

Petra Giesing

“We are working with Hans and Edward on describing our culture and ways to keep colleagues connected with each other. Hans and Edward’s approach is very concrete and effective. With a lot of energy, we receive the guidance that helps us move forward. It took some time to get used to that energy and associated terms like Purpose, touch points, and service concept. But there is plenty of room for our ideas, own words to describe topics, and the adaptation of programs. Truly customized in consultation!”

Ilse Groesz

“Together with Tim and Edward from The Purpose Company, we started working with a number of ambassadors from MOS to shape our Purpose. After three inspiring workshops, the Purpose was there! This was partly thanks to the skilled guidance of Tim and Edward. And the beautiful thing is that we, as ambassadors, have become so imbued with it through the process that conveying the Purpose almost comes naturally to us.”

Maasje Kerssies

Purpose-driven education for a new generation full of passion

Studying from a meaningful goal (Purpose) leads to higher well-being, better grades, and higher graduation rate of students. The positive effect is higher if this program is effectuated as early as possible (at the the start) of their education. Especially for the young generations, The Purpose Company has therefore developed lesson modules, guest lectures, and workshops for their teachers or lecturers.

We ensure that meaningful work really comes to life for them, and that it inspires them to make personal and professional choices that bring happiness and offer perspective. We do this in the classroom, in the lecture hall, at an alumni or graduation event, or at the start of the college or school year.

Purpose gastcollege in collegezaal

Do you want to get started with Purpose?

We would love to work together with you on sustainable business for your company and the planet!

Feel free to contact us without obligation; we would love to explore together with you what we can do for you!

Handtekening The Purpose Company
Edward Haarmans

After many commercial positions and writing a book on happiness & Purpose, Edward helps companies with their Purpose and its translation into organizational success.

Hans Smith

Specialist in creating superior customer experiences and mobilizing people to bind customers or guests to a brand or organization.

Tim Horsten

Years of experience in increasing business continuity, assurance, sustainability and providing guidance based on scientifically validated research.